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Center Point-Urbana Community School District is comprised of two incorporated towns: Center Point, with a population of approximately 2,400 and Urbana, with approximately 1,400.

The district consists of a primary school (grades PK-2) in Center Point, an intermediate school (grades 3-5) in Urbana, a middle school (grades 6-8) in Center Point, and a high school (grades 9-12) in Center Point.

The District Office is also located in Center Point at the High School.

About the District

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Speech (Home)

Array • 12:00 am

Show Choir (Home)

Array • 12:00 am

Stormin’ Archers (Home)

Gym MS • 12:00 pm

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Superintendent’s Greeting and Update – July 2023

2022-23 Years of Service & Celebrations

District Office – 2023 Summer Hours

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Middle School students who participated in at least one (1) school-sponsored activity



High School students involved in at least one school-sponsored activity


2 and 1

new student activities added this past school year with Girls’ Wrestling and eSports along with one new academic program with Agriculture & FFA!